Faith Based Health Care


Group plans can be custom designed for faith based organizations or businesses with faith based employees. With as few as 3 participants in a group you can offer this plan as an alternative to high cost ACA plans. Since it is exempt from the ACA rules the penalties do not apply to those that opt for this form or healthcare. It can also be a more affordable option for employees that have their own coverage through employment, but cannot afford to cover spouse and family. To learn more about these plans and how they can benefit your employees complete the information below and we will schedule a time to discuss your unique situation.

Steve Gaito, CFP®

Steve has been a financial professional and financial planner for over 24 years. Seeing that clients were frustrated with the high cost of healthcare he researched alternatives to traditional ACA plans and discovered Faith Based Health Plans. These plans that are exempt from the regulations of ACA (ObamaCare) plans make them much more affordable. His goal is to cover the state with agents that wish to add these plans to their practice, train them on the benefits and help market these plans to the public.

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