Group Indemnity Plans

Indemnity Insurance:

Covering the Cost of Healthcare Expenses

Having healthcare coverage is not only a must because it’s mandated by the government, it also just makes good sense. Unfortunately, even with insurance, getting sick can be quite expensive thanks to all the co-pays and deductibles that may come with medical care. In partnership with Kemper Benefits, Aliera Healthcare is proud to offer indemnity insurance options that have the strength and flexibility you need to protect employees if they are faced with a health-related crisis.

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Indemnity insurance plans cover the built-in costs of medical insurance

Every healthcare or health insurance policy comes with additional costs aside from monthly premiums—co-pays and deductibles are the norms, and plans with high deductibles are becoming more and more prevalent to reduce the costs of premiums. Additionally, in the face of a medical emergency, out-of-pocket expenses associated with an employee’s medical costs can quickly skyrocket. The good news? Aliera Healthcare and Kemper Benefits have a customized benefit solution that is effective and valuable to both employers and their employees. Designed to pay a fixed rate per qualified incident or medical service, these benefits are paid directly to the insured and may be combined with other healthcare or insurance payouts.

Aliera Healthcare’s indemnity plans

  • Hospital Indemnity insurance helps protect employees in the case of hospital stays or emergency room visits. It pays the protected employee a lump sum after a hospital stay, and is based on the length of care and treatments. The employee is free to use the money to cover any expenses necessary, not just medical expenses, and requires no health questions or pre-existing limitations for eligibility.
  • Accident expense insurance protects employees when injuries are sustained from an unforeseen accident. To help provide peace of mind, accident expense insurance pays a lump sum benefit to the covered employee after an injury is sustained. The amount is paid in addition to any healthcare coverage, is based on the provider’s itemized bill, and can be used to cover expenses for lost wages, copays, medications, meals, lodging, and more.
  • Critical Illness protection plan covers the unexpected illnesses. Paying out a lump sum to the employee after the diagnosis of a critical illness, the employee can use the money to offset deductible expenses, prescriptions, mortgage or rent, groceries, and more. The amount paid is determined by the condition, treatment, and expenses and is paid in addition to anything received from health insurance. This coverage also remains with the employee if he or she should change companies.

Ensuring that your employees can rest easy knowing that the built-in costs of healthcare are covered is important. Offering your workers the option of indemnity health insurance is also a wise business move. With indemnity insurance, you can help take the sting out of healthcare’s hidden costs.

Steve has been a financial professional and financial planner for over 24 years. Seeing that clients were frustrated with the high cost of healthcare he researched alternatives to traditional ACA plans and discovered Faith Based Health Plans. These plans that are exempt from the regulations of ACA (ObamaCare) plans make them much more affordable. His goal is to cover the state with agents that wish to add these plans to their practice, train them on the benefits and help market these plans to the public.