Voluntary Benefits

Empower Employees with the Options They Need to Stay Healthy and Happy

When trying to keep employees healthy, offering healthcare is a great starting place. However, in a competitive employment environment, only providing employees the option of a basic healthcare plan often isn’t enough. Life is full of unexpected events that can test even the best. Aliera Healthcare’s voluntary benefits allow your valued employees to have additional protection through those unavoidable health problems—all at a great cost thanks to Aliera’s affordable group rates.

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Voluntary health insurance is affordable

Voluntary health insurance goes above and beyond regular healthcare coverage. It helps take care of the unexpected events in life through dental, vision, prescription, accident, critical illness, and even hospitalization. Aliera Healthcare understands that every employer’s ability is unique, so it offers flexible funding options where employers can fund the worksite benefits, employees can fund them, or a mixture of both employees and employers can contribute. Employers can offer their employees complete coverage options at acceptable costs.

What each voluntary employee benefit plan offers

Unity Vision Care provides complete vision coverage with a minimal co-expense for annual exams and an allowance towards glasses. It also offers discounts on contacts and laser eye surgery.

Unity Dental Care provides members with exactly what they need to maintain overall dental health. The plan includes two cleanings per year and minor restorative work for a small monthly fee.

FirstCall Telemedicine puts U.S. board-certified doctors only a phone call or video chat away. Available 24/7 and conveniently accessible from work, home, or on the road, these doctors can also write prescriptions and referrals if necessary. For a minimal monthly fee, co-pays at the doctor’s office can disappear.

Rx Valet helps with plans that lack good prescription coverage. With Rx Valet, members can get a 90-day supply of medication at the 30-day price. Customer service representatives also help members locate pharmacies with the lowest rates for prescription medications.

Indemnity Plans are based on a reimbursement model, and cover predetermined costs associated with certain qualified medical services an employee may receive. Indemnity plan benefits pay a preset benefit amount based on the qualified medical service and length of care. The benefits are paid directly to the employee, and can be combined with other healthcare coverage or insurance plans and payouts.

Caring for employees is making an investment in the future of your company. Whether the company pays for the worksite benefits, the employees pay for them, or both the company and employees contribute to them, the situation is a win-win one: The employees are cared for and the company will benefit. Empower your employees with the choices they need to stay healthy and happy.

Steve has been a financial professional and financial planner for over 24 years. Seeing that clients were frustrated with the high cost of healthcare he researched alternatives to traditional ACA plans and discovered Faith Based Health Plans. These plans that are exempt from the regulations of ACA (ObamaCare) plans make them much more affordable. His goal is to cover the state with agents that wish to add these plans to their practice, train them on the benefits and help market these plans to the public.