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MEC group health plans centered around the direct primary care medical home model

Through Aliera’s subsidiary, HealthPass USA, we offer a popular member-based healthcare product with access to nationwide preventive, episodic primary, and urgent care services. Our product also includes 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified providers and pediatricians via phone or online. Members enjoy prescription discounts, most x-rays, labs, and ancillary services which are all compliant under the Affordable Care Act.

In conjunction with First Health, one of the largest PPO networks in the nation with more than 1,000,000 healthcare professionals and more than 6,000 facilities, HealthPass USA offers access to quality, affordable health care through TPA’s, carriers, health care plans and Taft-Hartley trusts. Members enrolled in our HealthPass Plus PPO Network and HealthPass Premium PPO Network plans have open access to 22 different medical specialties that meet certain cost and quality measures.

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Benefits of HealthPass


Our U.S. board-certified family practitioners, PCPs, pediatricians and internists, who diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions, when necessary are available 24/7/365 and can resolve most medical concerns via phone or online video consultation, in the convenience of your home or on the go!

Preventative Care

An Aliera MEC Plan covers medical services recommended by the USPSTF and outlined in the ACA for preventive care. There is zero out of pocket expense and no deductible to meet for any scheduled preventive care service or routine in-network checkup, pap smear, flu shot and more. It’s easier to stay healthy with regular preventive care.

Episodic Primary Care

Primary care is at the core of a Aliera HealthPass Plan, and we consider it a key step in getting and staying healthy. Our model is based on an innovative approach to care that is truly patient-centered, combining excellent service with a modern approach. This includes medical care needs such as primary care, office visits, basic eye and hearing exams, flu shots, infections, etc.

Urgent Care

Services are covered at the nearest in-network urgent care center for treatment of an injury or illness. Urgent care handles medical situations that can’t wait or are just a little more complex than what your primary care physician normally performs.

Chronic Care

With your Aliera HealthPass Plan, you receive chronic care management for conditions such as diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, cardiac conditions, etc. Members’ primary care assigned physicians also perform any outpatient designated services.

Labs & Diagnostics

All PCP and Urgent Care labs are included in your monthly membership. Your membership includes over 180 different lab tests to ensure the medical care needed is covered.

Prescription Drug Program

The HealthPass Prescription Savings Card delivers significant discounts in both brand name and generic drugs, saving cardholders an average of 55% on prescription drug purchases.

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